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Tourist Visiting Places in Indore

Indore city is in the state of Madhya Pradesh and has many historical significance in and around the city. During 17th to 19th centuary,  Hokers, the local ruling family  founded the city of Indore. The current significance of the city is as the commercial capital of the state. Indore is today a center of the textile trade, and the traditional glass jewellery industry. The city is also a major part of tourism in Madhya Pradesh, and most Madhya Pradesh tour packages include Indore in their various itineraries. Some  of the most tourists attraction places are:

Local sightseeing:

Rajwada-  this is a magnificent seven storied palace that served as the residence of the Holker rulers.

Lalbagh Palace - this is another palace belonging to the Holker era. The palace now houses a museum which exhibits interesting artifacts belonging to the Holkers.

Kanch Mandir - this famous Jain temple is known for its amazingly intricate glass work.

Chattri bagh - this park has a collection of brilliant cenotaphs, locally called Chatris, which were erected as memorials to the Holkar rulers after their demise. The Chatris are important architectural examples of the region, and are counted among the tourist attractions in Indore.

Chokhi Dhani and Nakhrili Dhani- Tourists come here to enjoy some quality moments away from the crowd, while staying in the traditional huts which provide all the modern amenities. The resorts offer excellent traditional food served in traditional leaf platters.

Central Museum - The museum has an impressive collection of coins, arms, armors and paintings. The most interesting artifacts are the Paramara sculptures from the 11th and 12th centuries.

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