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Tourist Visiting Places in Allahabad

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Uttar Pradesh


Northern India


Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam


Hindi, Urdu


During winter 9° C to 22°C and During summer 33°C to 42°C

Best Time to Visit

October to March

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About Allahabad:

Allahabad is considered as the seventh most famous city in Uttar Pradesh. This place is believed to be divine place. The city's original name is Prayaga, which means "place of sacrifice"— which comes from its position as the devotional union of the rivers Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati. Allahabad has hosted many large cultural and sporting events, including KumbhMela and Indira Marathan which are held in every 12 years. This place was the best tourist destination in 2012.Some of the tourist places are highlighted below:

Local Sightseeing

Allahabad Fort is a very popular and the majestic Allahabad Fort is one of the largest forts built during Akbar's reign. There is also the well-known in Ashoka pillar belonging to the 3rd century B.C, which is also called as the 'Saraswati Koop', Patalpuri or the underground temple and the very old 'AkshayaVata' inside the Allahabad Fort. The Jodhabai Mahal inside the Allahabad Fort is an attractive monument that shows a fusion of Hindu as well as Islamic architectural patterns.

Triveni Sangam is the "assemblage" of three rivers. A bath here is said to wash away all of one's sins and free one from the cycle of rebirth. The very popular and sacred KumbhMela is held every 12 years in the month of January on the banks of Ganga, Yamuna and Sarswati at Sangam.

Anand Bhavan -The main building of AnandBhavanwas converted into a museum which displays the memorabilia of the Nehru–Gandhi family. Nehru’s bedroom and study as well as rooms dedicated to Indira Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi are on display. Anand Bhavan is open between 9:30 am and 5 pm.

All Saints Cathedral - This church is one of the most beautiful and ancient Catholic masterpieces of the city.

Allahabad Museum - This museum has a great collection of architectural sculptures significantly from the Gupta Era.

Minto Park- It is situated near SaraswathiGhat and has a memorial with a four lion symbol on top.

Hanuman Mandir – This Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple is very uniquely present in North India for its supine image of Hanuman.

Mankameshwar Temple- This temple is a very famous Shiva temple of Allahabad. This Temple is situated near Saraswathighat, on the banks of Yamuna river.

Jawarharlal Planetarium- The planetarium named after Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru is situated close to AnandBhavanwhich was built in 1979. Besides the picture of the outer universe, it also houses a beautiful model of the moon.

Where to Shop?

Altantis Multiplex Private Limited

Local market like Vasunder Market, Sanjay Market, Sainik Market, Anwar Market and many others

How to Reach Allahabad?

By Air : Allahabad Junction (ALD) Airport and Allahabad City/ALYis the nearest Airport in Allahabad, which is connected with other states and countries.

By Railway : Allahabad Junction /ALD Railway station is the main Station in the city. With this there are also many small stations which are connected to other cities and towns.

By Road : Well maintained roadways between nearby States, cities, towns and slam areas.

Where to Stay?

Around Allahabad, there are luxury facilitate types of rooms in any Star hotels. Besides Star hotels, there are also budget hotels, Guest houses and lodges. Our company mostly deals with Luxury and Star accommodated hotels in Allahabad with special rates or discounts according to seasonal time.


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