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India Travel Guide

India Travel Guide is introduced with an idea to provide you a sight of Incredible India. This travel guide would help you in the planning of your vacation and would be very useful while travelling here. There are plenty of experiences one can take and numerous places to visit by a traveler at this splendid country. This particular section of the website is regularly updated with the latest updates which are useful for a traveler while traveling to India. The travel guide will not only inform you about the country, the famous tourist destinations and the fairs and festivals of India but also provide you with the important information as what to do and what to avoid. Travelling to a country like India which has a diverse culture, various religions, languages, cultures, traditions and faiths etc. can be a challenge sometimes, but with a proper guidance and planning one can make it a best vacation.

India’s Fairs and Festivals

India’s Fairs and Festivals of nation are mirror of her cultural traditional life. In India we celebrate everything from change of seasons, ripening of crops [agriculture], significant national patriotic events and dates to the birth dates of our deities, rabbies, rasools and “paigambar”. And not to mention with a billion plus population and a sea of different castes and religions we have much to celebrate. Starting from the beginning of the year the celebrations  don’t stop till to its very end. Almost every day bring its own unique festivities and fairs of India. Golden Triangle Tours offers India's best Fair and Festival packages suitable for all age groups.

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India Female Travel Advice

Solo Women Traveling to India :

Often we hear about women’s safety in India.  Many women have shown their concerns regarding traveling here. As a coin has two faces, there are always good and bad people everywhere in the world. The incidents that took place in India have also happened in other countries. People of India have high regard for Women, if they see ....

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